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Hey y'all! Well first off I'm Melody Rose and I'm a local here in GS alabama. I created this blog to tell people about our little paradise, Gulf Shores! I'm unbiased, so I promise you everything on here is real and the truth. I will not lie, or make something sound better than it is or worse than it is. I've realized how many people just are in love with Gulf Shores, so I though I'd start this blog to update y'all, let you know about great food (or horrible food), fun things to do for everyone, and soo much more. :)

Jul 3, 2011

Crico's Pizza & Subs Review

Well, I moved down here from New York and have yet to find anything similar to a New York sub or pizza. Crico's subs are amazing. They're perfect and EXACTLY like the ones up north, anyone who hasn't tried it has to. It's not optional, you can't die happy until you had one.
   Now onto their pizza...it's no different than pizza hut. I cannot find a NY pizza for the life of me, everybody down here says Mellow Mushroom, or Papa Rocco's...um no. Papa Rocco's? I can make that in my oven from the frozen section at WalMart. The ingredients are not fresh, the crust is sooo thin, just no. Don't even eat it. Mellow Mushroom? It's decent, but nothing like I'm used to. Everyone tells me to try Old World Bakery, that'll be my next try and I'll let you know how that goes.
   But to sum this all up, try Crico's subs! Especially the meatball sub, it's phenomenal. For those of you who aren't sure where Crico's is, it's right next to Shrimp Basket on Hwy 59 almost to the beach by the souvenir shops with the big shark!

XOXO - Melody Rose

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